Temperature Probes for Data Loggers

Temperature probes and sensors can be used with data loggers to track temperature over time and store the data for further analysis. thermistors

Temperature data loggers are used in many industries such as transportation, food processing, pharmaceuticals, laboratory settings, industrial freezers, shipping, environmental studies, and more.  These data loggers can potentially be used for a variety of temperature ranges and conditions, including high and low temperatures, and indoor and outdoor settings, and are usually portable.   Thermistors, RTDs and thermocouple type temperature sensors can also be used for the data loggers.  The data loggers should be designed with the application in mind.

Technologies such as WiFi, USB, Bluetooth, etc. have allowed data to be transmitted easily.  The data may then be processed using a software interface.  The logger itself may use a screen or have built-in controls.  The data can be stored onto a hard-drive or into the “cloud”.  It all starts with an accurate, reliable temperature sensor.


There are many uses for temperature sensors with data logging systems.  Go with Sensor Scientific for your temperature sensor needs.

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