Common Applications of NTC Thermistor Sensors

NTC thermistors are used in a broad range of applications because of the benefits they offer users. Engineers find much practical use with these devices, which makes them a highly desirable tool. In a nutshell, they:

NTC Thermistor sensors are broken into the distinct categories. Sensors are placed relevant to their electrical characteristics that are exploited in the application.

Current-time: applications based on this characteristic are time delay, surge suppression, inrush current limiting, and more. The component is related to the dissipation constant and heat capacity of the thermistor being used.

Resistance-temperature: common applications consist of temperature measurement and control/compensation. Using these thermistors means that zero-power conditions are necessary.

Voltage-current: applications based on this characteristic are necessary for changes in environmental conditions and circuit variations that result in a shift in operating points that line a given curve of a circuit. Applications determine if this type can handle current limiting, temperature measurement, and temperature compensation.

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