Temperature Sensor Assemblies

Sensor Scientific thermistor based Temperature Sensor assemblies are used in industrial analytical instruments, automotive air-conditioning systems, thermistors also monitor temperature of lithium-Ion power packs in hybrid electric automobiles.  Sensor Scientific extremely low and high temperature rated RTD probes are suitable for industrial and commercial freezers as well as in high temperature ovens. 

Sensor Scientific makes sensors to meet customer needs; our engineering team will evaluate your thermistor and/or RTD applications, we will work with you from the prototype stage to a production launch. 

In addition to thermistor assemblies, Sensor Scientific develops and makes various RTD sensor assemblies with temperature ranging from – 70 C to 500C for variety of applications.

These are only some examples of our parts. Please contact us for more information.

Series 400 Medical Probes with ConnectorsDual Thermistor Medical SensorRTD or Thermistor Stainless Sheath Assembly
Medical Probe with Connector Series 400Penetration Probe for Food IndustryHermetically Sealed Probe for Aerospace Application
Probe Assembly with FlangeMyocardial Medical Sensor with Molded ConnectorData Logger Sensing Assembly
Fluid Temperature Sensor for Medical ApplicationsDual Thermistor Series 700Industrial RTD Assembly
NTC Thermistor or RTD Element in Stainless Steel HousingMachined Probe Assembly, Thermistor or RTDUniversal RTD Assembly with Shrink Tubing
Industrial Sensor for Cooling SystemRTD Assembly used in Applications at Sub-Zero TemperaturesAutomotive Battery Sensor
Air Flow Thermistor Sensor with Custom Molded ConnectorHigh Temperature Oven ProbeHermetically Sealed Aerospace Probe
Oven Probe for High TemperaturesAerospace Custom Temperature SensorMedical Temperature Skin Sensor used in baby warmers