Thermistor and Rechargeable Batteries

Most people benefit from using rechargeable batteries on a daily basis, but the technology would not be possible without the device having the ability to control its own internal temperature. Without controlling temperature, especially while charging, a battery is subject to degradation. No rechargeable battery will last forever, but through controlling temperature degradation is greatly reduced.


Thermistors allow for batteries to control temperature while charging, and they are responsible for maintaining battery life. This small tool prevents frequent battery purchases and replacements. The technology allows modern phones and tablets to be built without needing an easy way to get to the battery, which helps the overall aesthetics and feel of the devices. A thermistor also helps a device actually measure battery life. The battery icons on phones that show battery percentage are possible largely because of thermistors.

The size of thermistors also makes them practical for use in small electronics. Thermistors are tiny, and are easily added to most battery types. Thermistors come in different shapes and sizes, so it is important to pick thermistors that work best for your desired application.

It is nice to offer your customers deceives that not only work, but that also requires little servicing. Think about adding rechargeable batteries to your devices.

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