Using Thermistors to Extend and Protect Battery Performance

The act of charging and discharging rechargeable batteries has a strong potential to degrade batteries over time. The temperature of the battery cell plays a big role in the degradation of original performance. To preserve the life of a battery, careful monitoring of the temperature is important. Thermistors are perfect tools to help to control temperature. The devices are used primarily during recharging when the battery is most susceptible to degradation. Those who use thermistors for this application get several benefits.

These include:

  1. The overall life of the battery will be extended
  2. Batteries are economically and efficiently charged
  3. Give users accurate measurements of life span of battery

For manufacturers that use rechargeable batteries and want to optimize performance and lifecycle, consider incorporating thermistors into the battery system design.

Thermistors are used in rechargeable batteries for all types of products. You can find them in cellphones, laptop computers, tablets, and even portable medical equipment. Many electronic devices we use daily benefit from a thermistor's ability to monitor and control temperature.

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