High Power Efficiency and Temperature Compensation

Have you ever seen a cell phone screen that warns the user of overheating, or have you felt how hot a laptop computer can get? As electronic technologies get smaller and more compact, temperature becomes more difficult to manage. As a result of many devices function within a larger unit, high levels of heat are generated. If the heat within the devices is not compensated for, there is an incredibly high likelihood of malfunction or breakage. Thermistors are widely used in the electronics industry, and perform actions like turning on or off fans depending on ambient temperature.

Although the main function of a thermistor is to monitoring temperature, it can be used for inrush surge current suppression. It also has the ability to make power factor corrections. The devices are better suited for application in smaller devices. As the devices get larger, a solenoid becomes more practical.

Thermistors allow for high power efficiency and temperature compensation when properly used in small electronic devices. Utilizing the proper thermistors allows for technology to work as well and seamlessly as it does. For more information about acquiring and using thermistors, call Sensor SCI today for more information.

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