Using Glass Probe Thermistors

There are different options for temperature sensing on the market. One of the most reliable used devices is a glass probe thermistor. There are many reasons why glass probe thermistors are a logical choice, but it is mainly because they are rugged, highly stable and hermetically sealed. We provide glass probes with four standard outer diameters that offer users the ability to fit into different designs.Glass Thermistors

The SP43A style glass probe, which has smaller size advantages over industry-standard large style beads (0.043"/ 1.09mm diameter Vs. 0.042" /1.07mm). Glass probes are used in many different applications such as:

  1. Fluid flow measurement
  2. Fluid level measurement
  3. Thermal conductivity measurement
  4. Temperature measurement
  5. Temperature compensation

For glass bead probe thermistors, we offer several options, which include:

  1. Custom value-added assembly options
  2. Precision calibration at multiple temperatures
  3. Non-standard tolerances
  4. Non-standard resistance values
  5. Custom terminations and leads

For more information about acquiring glass bead probes or other thermistors, please give us a call. Our engineers are ready to help you get the best gear for your processes and applications.

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