Battery temperature sensor Chip-On-RF4

Lithium-ion battery cells have become popular electric power source for variety of applications. To ensure efficient operation and long battery life, the battery cells are continually monitored for the state of charge (SOC). The temperature of the cells is an important factor for the SOC calculation to determine the ongoing capacity of the battery. This is known as an estimated “Fuel Gauge" function in both the electric and hybrid automobiles.

Sensor Scientific manufacturers NTC thermistors. For more than 35 years, we have made thermistors in Fairfield, New Jersey, USA. In the last decade, we developed a surface mount NTC miniature assembly for use in any industry where battery temperature should be monitored. The thermistor-chip-on-RF4 sensor has been a solution for harsh environments with the possibility for battery fault conditions. Excessive loading of the battery packs can create a dangerous overheating situation. Accurate temperature sensing is essential for safety reasons in any industry and any battery application.

Sensor Scientific thermistor-chip-on-RF4 sensor has an unlimited use potential for its simple and economical construction . One miniature 10K Ohm thermistor chip is surface mounted on a miniature RF4 board with two insulated leads 12” long; any lead length is available for custom orders.

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