NTC thermistors for the biomedical market

Over the past 34 years, Sensor Scientific has supplied tens of millions of low cost, high reliability NTC (negative temperature coefficient) thermistors for biomedical applications.

These thermistors require very tight curve tracking accuracy, typically +/-0.2C or +/-0.1C accuracy, over the 30C to 45C (86F to 113F) range. Even tighter tolerances can be supplied upon request. The resistance of the sensors has also been proven to be very stable over extended periods of time.

For example, Sensor Scientific supplies the Series 400 Temperature Probes the industry standard 2252 ohm chip (at 25C). Such probes can be designed into multiple assemblies related to their application, such as for skin temperature measurement, respiratory monitoring, catheter applications, etc. Let us build the thermistor and assembly that you require. Contact Sensor Scientific to discuss your needs.

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