What are Variable Resistors used for?

Simply put, a variable resistor is able to have its electrical resistance adjusted. These devices are used when working with electrical circuitry because they help to control voltage and/or currents. They specifically work with voltage and currents that are a part of the circuit. The adjustability of these devices is rather simple. Each resistor comes with a wiper contact that can be slid up and down the resistance track. The resistor can be adjusted at present values, which is a requirement of building the circuit. Later, a controlling knob that is connected can make adjustments. The wiper contact and where it sits on the resistance track is what determines the resistance value of the variable resistor.

A variable resistor, although used in different industries, is used in a relatively similar way. They are used as rheostats. This means that they help connect circuits while leaving the resistance track open. When the ends of the resistor track connect with inputs of circuits, a variable resistor is used as a potentiometer. When acting as a potentiometer, all three of the devices terminals are being used. Considering their functions, there are various types of these resistors to be found.

A preset resistor is a special type of variable resistor. These resistors are used when resistance must be set only once or set rather frequently. All you need to do is add a preset resistor to a circuit. The preset resistor runs in a linear track, which differs from the resistors that run on a logarithmic track.

You can find variable resistors in newer cars and especially one that either fully/partially runs on electricity.

The three types of resistors are:

Rheostat: These are used for headlights and they allow people to switch the brightness of their lights.

Potentiometer: This is used to help EFI airflow and the airflow meter.

Thermistor: Thermistors are used to help with temperature sensing (positive temperature coefficient).

The modern conveniences we have grown accustomed to in modern cars would not be possible with the variable resistor. If you are looking to acquire a type of resistor, whether it is a thermistor or a rheostat, it is important to shop with a company who has a long track record of producing and selling high-quality products. These companies should also be able to help you decide the best resistor for you and your business. Shop smart when shopping for resistors.

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