Understand Tolerance of NTC Thermistors

It is common to find a great deal of temperature measurement and control applications that express limitations/accuracy in temperature units. The designing of a system must always incorporate the overall measurement accuracy of various components. A thermistor (± 1.0 °C) that is coupled with a similar system will ensure that measurement accuracy is closer to ± 2.0 °C. Thermistors are usually specified with either a resistance tolerance or a temperature tolerance. This can be a single temperature point or instead over the temperature range. Those who get the necessary temperature measurement over the temperature range should specify a temperature tolerance instead of resistance tolerance.

Identifying the correct tolerance for NTC thermistors is vital for the function of the thermistor. Complex math equations are used to help calculate the needs of users. Let our team of highly trained engineers help you choose NTC thermistors. Considering the number of possibilities available to you, it is crucial to think through the options thoroughly.

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