Platinum (thin-film) RTD sensors

Wide-temperature range, high-temperature capability, and a repeatable response to temperature makes platinum metal an ideal choice for high-reliability temperature sensing applications. Platinum temperature sensors employ a basic property of platinum metal, the electrical resistance increases with increasing temperature (PTC). This property is consistent and measurable, allowing for the manufacture of precision temperature sensors. rtd sensor

To take advantage of these properties, the platinum metal must be fabricated into a practical form that is rugged, miniaturized, and easily interfaced with instrumentation. The most popular type of sensor, the platinum thin-film element, consists of a very thin layer of platinum applied on a ceramic substrate, and protected with a thin layer of glass. The addition of protective housings allows the platinum sensor to be used in conditions considered extreme for other types of temperature sensors.

Automated state-of-the-art semiconductor manufacturing systems insure consistency from part to part. While “platinum” may imply “expensive” to some, hi-tech manufacturing technology converts one platinum ingot into hundreds of thousands thin-film sensors, making thin-film platinum temperature sensors a cost-effective solution for accurate temperature measurement.

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