Thermistors for Medical Markets

Sensor Scientific is a manufacturer of temperature sensors for infant warmers, Series 400 patient temperature probes, and other medical sensors.

Thermistor based medical sensors are available for a variety of applications, including patient skin temperature monitoring, ambient temperature monitoring, esophageal  catheters, and myocardial temperature probes.

Thermistor probe specifications and functionality match variety of industry-standard infant warmers , i.e.  GE, Ohmeda, Drager, Hill-Rom, Air Shields, and other patient monitors. Sensor Scientific 400 Series-type 2252 ohm thermistor is the type of medical sensor which is recognized world-wide as the de facto standard for patient monitoring applications and the chip thermistor is made in Fairfield, New Jersey, USA.

In addition to medical sensors, Sensor Scientific Inc. makes sensors for industrial, automotive and military applications.

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