Pick Proper NTC Thermistors for your Application

Negative temperature coefficient thermistors are constructed using sintered metal oxides. The devices can display substantial decreases in resistance that is proportional to small temperature increases. The resistance of a thermistor is calculated by passing a small, measured direct current through thermistors. Measuring voltage drops produced gives users an accurate calculation.NTC Thermistor

Different thermistor design exists to allow users to complete unique and specific temperature measuring applications. Some of the most important considerations to think through before making purchases are:

What is your operational temperature range? The most important and first consideration to make is the temperature range of your application. NTC thermistors function best when working within a predetermined range (usually between -40°C to 300°C).

Different accuracy ranges are available to users. The highest accuracy is usually found between 0°C to 70°C. Accuracy tolerance can be as tight as +/-0.2°C.

Stability of devices is also important to consider, and this is especially the case when long-term operations are required. It is possible for temperature sensors to drift over prolonged periods. Material, packaging, and construction are the most critical factors affecting long-term stability. NTC thermistors, with an epoxy-coat, will not change more than 0.1% within a year.

Consider the noise immunity that may be needed for your application. NTC thermistors have a high tolerance to lead resistance and electrical noise.

Lastly, the packaging of a thermistor is essential. Packaging should be entirely dependent upon the environment in which the sensor will be used. It is possible to customize or pot thermistors into various housings depending on the requirements of a specific application. NTC thermistors can have added protection by being epoxy coated or glass encapsulated.

Picking the right NTC thermistor can help devices and applications thrive. For more help determining the correct thermistors for you, please give us a call today.