More Considerations for Choosing NTC Thermistors

In an earlier article, we wrote about essential considerations all people must make prior picking thermistors. Being able to acquire the right thermistors for a specific task can be difficult. The most important thing a person can do when shopping is to take time. Consider your options and reach out to professionals for more help. When taking your time, make these considerations before making a purchase.

NTC Thermistor

  1. 1NTC thermistors come in different sizes and types. Going through with a careful analysis of the application of the thermistor should allow users to narrow down choices, even when lacking other data.
  2. Thermistors have different electrical properties. The three most common types are current-time, resistance-temperature, and voltage-current characteristics.
  3. The resistance-temperature curve must be exact for specific applications. Our designers can translate resistance curves, which translates to accuracy in temperature
  4. Some applications demand that the curve is matched or point matched. This is the only way to allow for resistance values at different temperatures.
  5. Resistance tolerance is also necessary. Ensuring this resistance helps to save on costs while also protecting gear.


Our trained team can help you better understand your application and how thermistors can function within it. For more information on acquiring high-quality NTC thermistor, reach out to us today.


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