Freezers and Refrigerators use Thermistors

Thermistors are essential components of refrigerators, freezers, furnaces, AC units, and other systems that require precise temperature management.
thermistorsIn freezing and refrigeration, a thermistor is a crucial component that is responsible for allowing systems to stay within a short temperature range. Thermistors can gauge temperatures and then react based on the readings. For instance, cooling cycles will be turned on when the temperature of a refrigerator rises. If there is a problem with thermistors within these systems, refrigerators or freezers will not function correctly. When this happens, energy is wasted, money is lost, and the food is ruined. Without thermistors, it would not be possible for modern refrigerators and freezers to work properly.
Modern refrigeration units would not be what they are without the technology provided by thermistors. We work with each of our clients to ensure that thermistors meet the high demands of specific applications and industries. For more information designing custom thermistors, reach out to our team.



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