Examples of Thermistors Applications

Most people understand that excessive heat and electronics usually do not go together. The computer is built with fans so that they do not overheat, which can cause them to malfunction or short circuit. Have you ever held a cell phone that feels hot in your hand? Because of environmental conditions and the high-spec features inside a smartphone, phones get hot while in use. 

ThermistorIf the left unprotected, a phone could break. A thermistor is used inside the phone to detect heat and to transmit that heat information to an IC.

Simply put, a thermistor allows components to operate accurately. A thermistor has an integral role in the safe use of a smart device. Without these devices, making phone calls and sending emails would be difficult or maybe not even possible.

Thermistors play active roles in many devices that we see and use daily. Many of us have electronic products that benefit from the temperature sensing and compensation provided by thermistors.

Electronic thermometers would not work as effectively without the help of a thermistor. When people feel they are coming down with a fever, they take out their temperature to check their temperature. An electronic thermometer uses a thermistor to detect and measure body temperature.

Vacuum cleaners have motors in the nozzle. If the motor stops, a large current flows to the motor. At this point, a thermistor acts to prevent the motor from breakings.

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