Examples of Thermistor Applications

Although thermistors are not seen, everyone benefits from them on a daily basis. Without these temperature sensors, many of today's electronic applications would not be possible (or they would be more expensive and less reliable). You can find an NTC thermistor inside of:

  1. Various household electronic devices (big and small)- Refrigerators and freezer use temperature sensors, but they can also be found in washing machines and hair dryers.
  2. Electronic equipment inside of cars- thermistors perform vital roles in the overall function of vehicles. Thermistors measure cooling water and oil temperatures, as well as monitoring exhaust gas temperature and keeping passengers comfortable in the car (temperature control).
  3. HVAC systems of all sorts- thermistors monitor room temperature and control burner temperatures.
  4. Electronics produced by the telecommunications industry- out of all the devices thermistors are found in, cellular phones are amongst the most popular. Thermistors help to regulate the temperature from inside a mobile device. This is important with the accepted use of rechargeable lithium-ion battery packs. Thermistors are also an important part of the protective circuitry.
  5. Industrial electronics- thermistors help to stabilize the temperature of laser diodes, as well as for temperature compensation when working with copper coils.

Thermistors fill many roles in the modern electronics world. We provide high-quality thermistors for any application. Please contact us for more information about our temperature sensors.

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