Using Linear Thermistors

Although less commonly used, there are times when a linear thermistor is more appropriate than PTC and NTC type thermistors. If production rate and fine-tuned motor motions are integral qualities of productions, a linear thermistor is able to enhance the performance of the two above capabilities. Linear thermistors are used in indexing machines, component placement machines, and in some packing machines. A linear device is able to run different size products when it is properly programmed.

Not only do linear thermistors help with the rate of motor motions, but also it is especially apt at keeping consistent, accurate motor temperature. Motors that accelerate, decelerate, and traverse rates, will create substantial heat in and around the motor. A linear thermistor is able to monitor temperatures under specific conditions, all while not going over a continuous motor. A standard PTC or NTC thermistor would not be optimal for this sort of performance.

Choosing thermistors that are optimized for specific functions tend to work at higher capacities. If properly used, a linear thermistor will enhance production, as a result of monitoring the temperature of individual motors.

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