Understanding PTC Thermistors


A PTC thermistor is a resistor with a positive temperature coefficient. With PTC thermistors, resistance increases with increasing temperature. Divided into two groups, these kinds of thermistors are categorized based on the materials used, structure, and manufacturing process.


The operating temperature range of PTC thermistors can be widened, but carefully examine the procedure while it is being done. Expansion of the operating temperature range can change the trip and hold currents.

Storage is important when maintaining your PTC thermistor. The storage ambient condition should be between -10 and 40 degrees Celcius. The storage life of the parts is six months after shipment. After unpacking the minimum package, make sure that it is resealed promptly or stored in a sealed container. The thermistors should not be kept in corrosive gas or under sunlight.

When mounting the thermistors, different product series will have different requirements. It is essential to read the manual thoroughly to ensure that you are handling your thermistor correctly. The land dimension for each thermistor will vary.

The weight of the PTC thermistor depends on the product series. The weight ranges from 1.2 mg to as much as 17 mg. The weight of the packing material also depends on the product series. It can be as little as 310g to as much as 1300g. The size of the outer package depends on the product quantity inside.

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