Typical Applications of NTC Thermistor Probes

NTC thermistors are used in a range of applications throughout different industries. They are highly useful because of their accuracy and stability. The three most commonly used applications for an NTC thermistor are control, compensation, and temperature measurement. One thermistor type is called an NTC thermistor probe, and it is used as a resistance thermometer. Probes are versatile, and they are incredibly accurate, which is why they are ideal sensors for a wide array of temperature measurement applications.

Many automotive and transportation applications are equipped with NTC thermistor probes. These applications include:

Thermistor probes are used for tire curing of cars and trucks. They also monitor and control the temperature of engines. The military uses probes for different applications, which include the building of missiles and rockets.

Another frequent use of NTC thermistor probes is fire safety, and that is why the probes are usually found in fire alarms. Copy machines, industrial soldering irons, and other significant electronics benefit from temperature control and compensation. Another potential application includes chemical analysis equipment and hot molds.

Our line of NTC thermistor probes are used for temperature detection and compensation. We have thermistor probes that can fit into almost any design or operation. We also have several options for custom configurations of NTC thermistors.