Thermistor Blog

What is a thermistor?

A thermistor is an electronic component that exhibits a large change in resistance with a change in its body temperature. The word “thermistor” is actually a contraction of the words “thermal resistor”.  Thermistors have definite features and advantages which make them ideal for certain sensor applications.







thermistorSensor Scientific Inc. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of the complete thermistor product line. A thermistor is a semiconductor chip composed of metallic oxides.  Sensor Scientific thermistor chips are made in our New Jersey plant. Ceramic materials are developed in Sensor Scientific ceramic materials department. Sensor Scientific thermistor materials are of the highest quality, their resistance – temperature characteristics meet all thermistor industry global standards. Sensor Scientific is also an original equipment manufacturer (OEM)  of high temperature glass bead and glass probe thermistor products.