Thermistor Beta Calculations

A thermistor’s beta value (B value) is an indicator of the shape of the curve that signifies the connection between temperature and resistance for NTC thermistors. Calculating the B value is essential for component selections because it gives characteristics at given temperatures versus the resistance for an application. How does one begin to do beta calculations successfully?

To know how to calculate, it is essential to understand what RT1, RT2, T1, and T2 all have in common. The four variables above represent the main components of thermistor beta calculations, as they relate to compensation, temperature measurement, and control. Thermistors that are used for automotive or HVAC purposes tend to deal with beta calculations frequently.

Proper calculations require a two-point calibration that is designed to calculate the temperature curve vs. the resistance curve. Individuals must consider the necessary resistance that is at both temperature points.

Beta values are measured in degrees Kelvin, and so values must be determined using the four below components

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