Temperature Sensor Assemblies

We offer a wide range of temperature sensing probes (thermistors, RTD, glass probe thermistor) that are employed in a variety of industries that require temperature sensing applications. Although not commonly seen, thermistors are found in:

The above list is just some of the industries that require temperature sensing. As a means to ensure they perform as required, key components must be customized to provide optimal performance in all settings. Assemblies can be complicated, but our support team can design and provide probes that meet your exact needs and requirements.

To design probes, we must ask:

What is your operating environment? Understanding how and where your probe will work will help us pick materials that will function best in particular conditions. Common environmental factors include the application’s temperature range, thermal cycling and shock, humidity, and chemical exposure.
What are the operating environment temperatures? Most probes work best within a specified temperature range. For extremely low and high temperatures, sensors may need to be constructed differently.
What will the operating environment’s mechanical stress be? If your sensors are subjected to excessive mechanical vibrations and shocks, they must be constructed to withstand these conditions.

Our talented team can customize your assemblies for all your temperature sensing needs.  Regardless of the temperature assembly, we can help you build probes that work the way you want them too.