Inexpensive and Easily-Obtainable Temperature Sensors

Some people ask why thermistors are so widely used when measuring temperature. The answer is simple: they are inexpensive, they respond quickly, they are rugged, and they are reliable. The device functions as a temperature dependent resistor that changes resistance based on changes in ambient temperature. The devices are easily obtainable, and they are even simpler to use and adapt.

The devices are used frequently because of their versatility, but they are also used because of the cost associated with buying and designing. Different devices exist to serve different basic functions, but the price variations between models is relatively close. Other types of sensors, however, are pricier than thermistors. This includes Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD) and Integrated Circuits (IC). Of course these two types of devices have their benefits, but that does not mean they are better than thermistors. RTDs and ICs tend to use platinum, which automatically drives up the cost.

Thermistors are inexpensive and accurate when measuring small changes in temperature. They work best when a set temperature needs to be maintained. They are easy to use and they are easy to mount. Don’t waste time and money purchasing and using expensive temperature sensors, when thermistors work just fine.

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