Different Uses for Thermistors

A thermistor is a specific type of resistor that uses sensors to help regulate cold and heat. They can do more then simply regulate temperature. They are also used for voltage regulation, volume control, time delays, and circuit protection. These products are made up of ceramic and metal oxides, but it also contains circuits and wires.  thermistorThese resistors have many practical applications both in terms of manufacturing and personal products. Below, we will be going over some of the different uses and applications for thermistors throughout multiple industries.

For those who have used a microwave, you have used a thermistor. They are used in these machines to determine and maintain internal temperature. Without the resistor in the microwave, there is a possibility of overheating in the unit. This could lead to potential fires.

Circuit Protector
If you have a power supply or surge protector in your home or office then you are also using a thermistor. Without a thermistor in this product, surges of energy would be uncontrolled. This could lead to overheating or too much electricity being pushed to whatever is plugged in. This could lead to some of your electronics shorting out.

Cars, trucks, and buses all use thermistors. They are used to determine the temperature of oil and coolants. This is how you are able to know if your car is overheating or not. The thermistors are connected to indicators on the dashboard of the vehicle. Thermistors in cars do not prevent or regulate. Instead, they are used to gather information. This allows a driver to fix their car or truck before something serious happens.

Digital Thermometers
Have you ever wondered how digital thermometers are able to accurately gauge someone’s temperature? This is possible because of thermistors. Just like with cars, these devicesused to gather information rather than helping to maintain temperature.

Rechargeable Batteries

The ability to recharge a battery is only possible because of the help it gets. When you start charging batteries, there is a tendency for things to get hot. The low resistance of the thermistor allows it to stop the charging if things are getting too hot. 

Thermistors are used in everyday life, and they are used in so many different ways.


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