Commercial Uses for Thermistors

Without becoming overly technical, thermistors are a variant of an electrical current resistor, and its resistance differs significantly due to fluctuations in temperature. The word thermistor is derived from a combination of the words ‘thermal’ and ‘resistor’, and they are typically used in commercial applications that include (as but one example) self-resetting protectors that sense when too much electrical power and heat enters a circuit. Such devices are known as inrush current limiters that rely on thermistors to shut down or restrict an overloaded circuit.

A thermistor can be made from a polymer or ceramic material (the most common type), as well as from pure metals. These electronic components have an extensive variety of commercial applications that include, but are not limited to:

The above are but a very few of the commercial uses for thermistors, and any thermistor designed for commercial use must be of the highest quality and demonstrate fail-safe reliability. These are the desirable qualities you’ll discover in all of our electrical and electronic components. Contact us anytime!

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