Clean Automotive Technology and NTC Thermistors

Sensor Scientific Inc., New Jersey sensor manufacturer, designs and produces  thermistor-based temperature sensors for electric vehicles (EVs).

Each electric automobile needs multiple thermistors to monitor the electric car battery temperature. Clean electric automotive technology is using batteries differently than conventional automobile system. Most EVs are utilizing several variations on lithium-ion batteries that power the car instead of the traditional gas or diesel fuels. For most commuters the daily car operating cost will be a single charge each day; depending on utility rates, the electricity will cost between $ 0.75 - $2.00 / day.

Since 1983 Sensor Scientific temperature sensors have been used in an ever-increasing variety of applications. Company growth has been possible because we listen and respond to the needs of industry. Next to the automotive temperature sensors, Sensor Scientific Inc. makes sensors for industrial, medical and military applications.  For additional information , please call 973-227-7790 or e-mail to

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