Best Application for Thermistors

ThermistorsOne of the most widely used temperature-sensing devices used today is a thermistor. It is a simple unit that is created with sintered semiconductor materials. The devices are different RTDs, and so they cannot be used interchangeably. RTD's can only change resistance in linear ways.

Considering their difference from RTDs, a thermistor has specific applications. If you need a new thermistor for a new application, or you are simply replacing an old one, it is important to first think of three important things: size, stability, and accuracy. A thermistor should meet all three above.
Thermistors offer low sensor costs. A basic thermistor is less expensive than an RTD.

A thermistor is more sensitive than a RTD. A thermistor can change its resistance by ten of ohms per degree. An RTD can only do a fraction of this.

The sizing options of thermistors are more extensive than RTDs. The beads of a thermistor can be made as small as a pun head. These products work much better in small sensing areas.

Although thermistors are strong, reliable products, it is important to consider all options before purchase. Knowing the job and applications will help you purchase the proper temperature-sensing elements.

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