Benefits of Using Glass-Encapsulated Thermistors

An NTC thermistor is non-linear resistor that changes resistance characteristics based on surrounding temperatures. There are various types of NTC thermistors, which allow for the completion of specific operations. One of the most frequently used thermistors are glass-encapsulated, hermetically sealed. They are commonly used in a variety of industries because of all the benefits that they offer. ntc thermistor
Typically, these thermistors are comprised of three specific components. They include:
  1. Thermistor chip (transition metal oxide)
  2. Glass bead
  3. Dumet lead wires made of copper and iron
All three above parts are brought together to create hermetically-sealed glass probes. For many applications and industries (food, chemical, pharmaceutical), a hermetical seal is necessary.
Glass-encapsulated thermistors are frequently used because:
It is extremely common to find glass-encapsulated thermistors in many vital industries.
Without these glass-encapsulated thermistors, many modern-day technical applications would not work the same. To find out if these probes can help you save money and enhance operations, give us a call today.


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