Applications of NTC Thermistors

An NTC thermistor performs several different functions as a means to properly control temperature. The applications performed by these devices allows for thermistors to function as accurately as they do. Thermistors are used in a wide range of different industries that require high accuracy when it comes to temperature. Some of the applications include:

Temperature compensation:  considering that temperatures fluctuate as a result of their environment, thermistors are able to compensate for changes to keep temperature where it needs to be.  Examples of circuits that might require compensation are, LCD displays, charging batteries, and oscillators.

Inrush current limiting: not only is a thermistor subject to a change in temperature, but it is also susceptible to changes in power. When there are changes in power, a thermistor experiences a time lag prior reaching lower resistance. The time lag is utilized to help limit the inrush surge currents

Fluid level gauging: A thermistor will be able to sense an absence or presence of a liquid. It is able to do this through measuring the difference between dissipation constants (between a gas and a liquid).

Temperature measurement: If low cost, longevity, and accuracy are important qualities, a thermistor is the best option.

The wide range of applications coupled with low costs and high accuracy make thermistors a frequently used device.

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